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Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Centre (MGTC) was formerly known as Malaysian Green Technology Corporation or GreenTech Malaysia. MGTC is the government agency under the purview of Ministry of Environment & Water, mandated to lead the nation in the areas of Green Growth, Climate Change Mitigation and Climate Resilience and Adaptation.

Under Green Growth, MGTC focuses on three key areas:

  • Green Incentives and Certification
    • Green Incentives
    • Green Financing
    • Green Labelling and Certification
  • Green Advisory and Capacity Building
    • Green Advisory and Consultancy
    • Roadmap/Action Plan Development
    • Green Skills and Competency Development
  • Green Promotion and Investment
    • Green Investment
    • Business Matching
    • Green Business Promotion and Exhibition

Under its recently expanded scope, MGTC now focuses on Climate Change Mitigation and Climate Change Adaption through the following roles:

  • Policy Analysis
  • National Reporting
  • National Programmes Coordination
    • Climate Change Mitigation
    • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Focal Point for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaption Data
  • Communication, Education and Public Awareness (CEPA)

The National focal point under United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is the Climate Change Policy Division of Ministry of Environment.

MGTC also is the Implementing Agency for Malaysian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. Under the theme of Energising Sustainability, Malaysia Pavilion will showcase four sub-themes namely Energising Today, Energising Tomorrow, Energising Business and Energising Harmony.

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